EQ5/CG5/LXD55(75)/GP/GPDX     MOUNT Dual axies Driver and Autoguider system

with focus step motor driver

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Features for eq mount
  • 1.RA,DEC Driver  1X,2.5X, 10X, 60X drive speed.
  • 2.Webcam autoguide interface  Support K3CCD ,astrosnap and some other autoguide software via Serial port.By the
    low cost webcam user can achieve Autoguide function.
  • 3.Relative GOTO function  Users can select a referrence bright star and let the telescope aim at it,
    input the referrence RA&DEC and then input the object RA&DEC them want to see, then telescope will
    goto the object automatic at 60X speed.
  • 4.Auto correction for the null distance of the gear,This function solve the null distance of gear
    in the low price mount.
  • 5.Fully acess RS232 serial control. All the function can be controlled by computer via RS232 Serial port.
  • 6.A focus motor driver output port. It can control one focus step motor, Focusing become very easy especially in the high  magnify planet photographic.

    These function is very useful for the low price EQ5 etc. mount. It make easy and possible for high quality guided photographic for the low price mount !

QHY autoguider 
The best choise for the low cost Deep Sky Photographic

Price: Please contact us

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Control software

We can aslo supply the control word for the astronomer who want to programe the software themselves.



Driver software WIN98

Driver software WIN98/WIN2000/XP

User manual



Technology feature
RA motor trace speed: 10 minutes/ cycle (1:1 gear for the 144 gears mount)
RA motor trace frequency: 1.2Hz , half step mode. (9.6 steps per senconds)
RA & DEC motor maxium speed: 60X  (10sec/ cycle)
Focus motor  maxium speed: about 11 sec/ cycle 
Motor feature
RA & DEC motor:

Step angle: 7.5/120
Phase: 2
Voltage: 12V
Max Current:400mA
Moderating Ratio:120
Pullin Torque:12000
Detent Torque:16400

Focus motor:

Step angle: 7.5/85.25
Phase: 4
Voltage: 12V
Max Current:22mA
Moderating Ratio:85.25
Pullin Torque:900
Detent Torque:550

Trace error(On LXD75 mount)
trace_error.jpg (136571 bytes)



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